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repair system android

 Repair Master

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Repair system - speed booster (solve android problems) is the only speed booster and all-in-one litter cleaner and optimizes your Android phone, as well as memory space and unnecessary files (cache).

While protecting your device from system errors and start.

🛠 Boost phone and memory boost - the best phone speed booster.

Clean up random access memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks (Aim to speed up your Android device).

🛠 Cleaner unwanted file cleaner.
Free up space and improve performance by intelligently scanning unwanted files.

🛠 Cool processor cooler.
Detects and cleans applications that cause overheating, detects applications that consume a lot of CPU and starts cooling.

🛠 Intelligent charging charge
displays the charge status in real time, accurately estimating the remaining charging time.

other optimization features

☑ analyze and correct idle start errors.
☑ Eliminate system slowdowns, optimize RAM and processor.
☑ correct and improve the optimization of RAM and processor.
☑ fast start.
☑ solve all game problems.
☑ analyze and correct idle start errors.
☑ clear the cache and optimize the memory.
☑ Error checking system errors and repair..
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